Olafur Eliasson At Tate Modern

18th September 2019

An impromptu decision made us visit Olafur Eliasson’s new exhibition at Tate Modern. I am so happy that we did. In this captivating exhibiton, Eliasson makes you become aware of your senses, the people around you and the world beyond.

As you walk through from one room to the next, Eliasson really manages to capture your attention. There is no fixed route through the exhibition. Therefore, make sure you have visited everything before you leave as each experience is more surreal than the next one.

The materials he uses range from moss, glacial melt-water and fog to light and reflective metals. Eliasson’s art comes from three main important interests. His concern with nature, his research into geometry and his ongoing investigations into how we perceive, feel about and shape the world around us.

The final zone of the exhibition, ‘The Expanded Studio’, evokes the broader interests and activities that Eliasson’s studio in Berlin. The long pin board is arranged alphabetically. It shares questions, articles, images and news clippings.

It’s fun, interactive and totally awakens your senses. It’s on until the 5th of January. If you manage to get tickets, it’s one exhibition I highly recommend you to visit, especially with children.

Waterfall 2019

There is also a dramatic waterfall situated on the terrace behind the gallery. It’s 11m high. On a glorious day, just sit back and take it all in. The sound of the water, the vastness of the sculpture, the technology behind it and your response to how you react to it. It is linked with the rest of the exhibition in terms of Eliasson questioning nature and our surroundings.

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