My Love Affair with Flowers

23rd June 2019

If you found me through my Instagram account, you know that I am a big fan of flowers. Flowers make people happy. They make me happy. I didn’t necessarily think my Instagram would be mainly floral London pictures, but my journey somehow led me there. I guess looking for colours on a rainy or grey day could be tricky at times. Anything colourful and floral started to get my attention. 

I have always loved flowers and surrounded myself with them. I have been visiting Covent Garden Flower Market for years. I haven’t missed Chelsea Flower Show for a decade. I love a themed party and decorating for it. Flowers have inspired painters, scientists, writers and many others over centuries. When you enter the keyword flowers on Instagram or Pinterest. you get over a million posts.  

The more I posted floral facades or hidden flowery corners of London, the more I started getting interested in flowers. I started to discover different florist shops, flower workshops and anyone else posting flowers on their Instagram account. That opened even more windows. Flatlays with flowers, romantic florists in Paris, moody grams, coffee and flower combos. Cherry blossoms in Japan, autumn leaves in Canada, rose gardens in Regent’s Park, wisteria hysteria, lavender fields, Colombia Flower Market — I could go on forever. 

Living in London has its advantages even as it comes to flowers! London has been leading the wave and was one of the trend setters as it comes to floral displays in restaurants and shops. It started with one door, now it feels like if you do not have a floral display of some sort, you might as well close shop. 

Over time, thanks to my instagram account, I started to meet some of the creative people behind these beautiful creations and I started to learn about what it takes to build them. How they started their journey with flowers, the planning and hours that it takes to dress up a place. I attended workshops that gave me a feel for their work, and I started to appreciate their art and creations even more.

If you walk about London you are likely to encounter one of these floral displays. At that moment, stop, watch, and if you want take a snap, but more importantly smile. There is more to explore when it comes to flowers. Watch this space.

Have a wonderful flowery day

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