My Crazy Friend Sabrina & Her Dog Teeny

6th October 2019

We all have that one friend that adds a bit of colour to our lives. Do I dare to call them the ‘Crazy’ friend? You are drawn to them for their energy, for their attitude to life, for their passions and for their knowledge. The list varies from friend to friend. Sometimes, it’s just one thing that you love about them and at other times all of the above. They are compassionate, loyal and smart. You LOVE your crazy friend. They are daring, spontaneous, and adventurous. They remind you that life doesn’t have to be such a serious affair. They make you smile with their crazy ideas. 

I am fortunate enough to have a few of these people in my life, but today I would like to talk about one of them. Meet Sabrina Lemer. She is delightfully different, with a vast array of specialities and closets. You might recognise her name from my website as she is the mastermind behind all the theatre and film reviews. But Sabrina also has a different passion and love, her dog Teeny. Her passion for her dog never fails to amuse you. 

Sabrina named her dog after the actress Tina Fey. Valentina Fey is her real name but she calls her ‘Teeny’ because she could fit in her purse. Teeny is a Cockapoo and will be turning six in December. We all know that your love for your dog is a bit like your love for your children. From day one, Sabrina has been madly and utterly in love with Teeny. She even got her modelling lessons – yes apparently there is such a thing – as she felt she should be a star. 

If you see a lady in a hat with a white Cockapoo on her lap driving about London, most probably that’s Sabrina. If you see a white Cockapoo being pushed in a pink stroller (yes she did get her a pink stroller), you know that you have seen Sabrina and Teeny. There are many stories like that when it comes to Sabrina and Teeny.

Here is one. A few years back, it was time to organise her daughters Bat-Mitzvah celebrations. Knowing Sabrina, we expected to have one big fun party. What we didn’t expect was a 5 feet tall sculpture of Teeny as the centrepiece. The idea of the sculpture came from her idea of making the Bat-Mitzvah to have a festival feeling like a burning man with art installations. The sculpture was designed by the florist, Larry Walshe. When we asked her about it, Sabrina said that’s all she wanted for the party. The rest of the party details, she left to her husband and the girls. 

What do you do with such a vast sculpture of your dog after the party? If you are Sabrina, you keep it in your garden of course. However, after a while, with the weather conditions we get in London, Teeny’s sculpture no longer looked great. At this point, one option would have been perhaps to get rid of it. Not an option. Sabrina instead hired Framed for Florists from Covent Garden Flower Market to decorate the sculpture with pink faux flowers. Framed for Florists are the team behind some of the most insta-famous frames for Chelsea in Bloom like KiKi Mconough shop.

I wanted to document this process of Teeny’s sculpture’s transformation from green moss to pink faux flowers. Cassandra and her team decided to keep Teeny’s frame, clean out the moss completely and then decorate it with a variety of flowers. As an addition to the sculpture, Cassandra designed Teeny’s eyes, mouth and her collar.


  • Cassandra used over 1000 flowers to decorate the sculpture
  • Flowers used are: Roses, Hydrangea, Peonies, Protea, Thistle, Orchids, Lilies, Poppies, Carnations and Blossom
  • The inspiration came from Jeff Koon’s unbelievable puppy sculptures
  • Cockapoos are a mix Cocker Spaniels and Poodles. They make a great family pet

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