FOOD: Bigger than the Plate at V&A Museum

24th September 2019

There is still time to visit this exhibition if you haven’t done it already. It ends on the 20th of October. Featuring over 70 experimental and contemporary projects, this exhibition explores some of the biggest issues we face today – climate change to sustainability to worker’s rights.

Bigger than the Plate is very aesthetic and is full of Instagram perfect corners. But of course, it is more than that. As most of V&A exhibitions, it is smart, creative, sustainable and makes you think. It takes you through a journey of the food cycle in four curatorial sections – compost, farming, eating and trading. This is one exhibition where you want to take your time and digest every single video, object and information.

The exhibition hopes to challenge your perception of where the food comes from, how it is produced, what you are eating and offers you ways to be less wasteful. Some of the films on factory farming are shocking. You may not feel like eating chicken or apples for a while. However, it also focuses on many positive social and urban projects that gives you hope for the future. You get to see ceramics glazed in human urine (I know, right?), the veneer corn tiles (one of my favourites) and Urban Mushroom Farm installation, which collects water coffee grounds to grow edible Oyster mushrooms.

At the end is a live, food bar called the Loci Food Lab – where chefs and waiters serve you sustainable food of your choice depending on how you answer a few questions. They are created by vegetables classed as “too ugly” for local supermarkets, dried and powered fish and salad grown underground. It challenges you to find out what you are willing to eat. To my surprise, my choice was delicious.

It’s educational, disturbing, questioning and picturesque at the same time. To keep up to date with what we’ve been up to, press here to subscribe to our newsletter.

You can get tickets via the V&A website.

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