Curiosity Insights

27th June 2019

You must have heard the quote “Curiosity killed the cat” before. When you read other Instagram bloggers who have huge followers, they all agree on one thing. If you want to grow your account try to stay within a niche. Keep it simple. Trying to reach out to mass is not a good idea. I must admit, I have experienced this with my own instagram account and at times it could be frustrating.

As you may have seen, my Instagram account @ritafarhifinds is mainly floral, colourful facades of London. I like to use my stories and highlights to introduce or talk about everything else. However, it is not enough to explore certain topics in much detail in your stories. It’s a catch 22 situation where a lot of us would like to talk about other things. Instagram, at times, feels limited for that.

My solution to this problem hopefully will be my website. It’s a journey like any other one where it is scary and exciting at the same time. A lot to be learned as I go along but I wanted to create this space where I can talk about different things and also what you are curious about.

I would love to introduce you to certain shops, architecture, interiors, or brands that I love. I would love to talk about what inspires me or interests me. Table settings, how to grow your Instagram account, what apps to use, or how to create stories within Instagram? Teenagers and social media. The choices are endless really. 

One step at a time. Baby steps as they say. Let the journey begin and I hope along the way you will guide me through what you enjoy reading or not so much that this could become a place where you discover things. Curiosity page will be the wild card. Can we come over the niche or is it just a dream? I’ll let you know once I find the answer to it. In the meantime, see below a few pictures as to what might be coming your way in the future.

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