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20th February 2020

Peruvian seafood and vegetables to dream of

Chicama, sister restaurant to Pachamama, serves seafood take on Peruvian style cooking.  Located at Worlds End, it is popular with the Sloaney crowd. It’s really busy so make sure to book a place before you go not to be disappointed. 

Each dish is designed to be shared and accompanied with an exotic South American inspired drinks. We especially love their killer ice-cold Pisco Sour. Tasting menu offers a good range of their popular dishes like popped corn monkfish cheeks and sea bass ceviche. It is followed by a whole grilled fish of the day. They also have a great vegetarian menu (in case you are not into seafood) with dishes like padron peppers, fried aubergine, grilled cauliflower and smoked mushroom ceviche. The fish comes from a community of Cornish fishermen and turned into a Peruvian flavoured wonders.

If you are into Instagram snaps, then you need to pay attention to all the little details of the interiors. It’s modern yet rustic. The pink velvet seats at the bar tempts you to have a drink or two. The marbled floors (I have seen people put dishes on to take pictures), freshly cut flowers, blankets behind chairs if you choose to sit outside all create a cosy atmosphere to dine in.  Upstairs is like a bohemian beach house while downstairs is a private dining room decorated with candlelights.

If you are particular interested in cooking then take a seat at the Chef’s Table. The food is prepared in an open kitchen for all guests to watch, but the Chef’s table adds a bit more experience to your evening. The hosting chef joins you at the table and explains each dish in detail. If that’s not good enough, then you can always join one of their ceviche masterclasses to impress those around you.

It’s one of our local favourites and a great place for a date, family outing or a big group of people. One that we would highly recommend you to try at least once.

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