London Hidden Corners

Chasing magical Autumn colours in London

26th September 2019

I can never make up my mind if Autumn in London or Spring is my favorite season. As summer comes to end, the days get shorter. I anxiously start to wait for those few trees to display their golden leaves. More and more as the days pass, the vibrant colours, the reds, the golds and the yellows start to show off on our doorsteps. If we are lucky and get the Autumn sun as well, then it’s match made in heaven. 

I love Autumn for many different reasons. It gives me the excuse to stay at home wrapped under a cosy blanket, light endless candles and read a good book. From the celebration of Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night to the thrill of trick or treating at Halloween, autumn is the beginning of many celebrations to come. Watching Netflix series, preparing hot chocolate with marshmallows, carving pumpkins and baking pecan pies are just a few things to add to your to do list in Autumn.

However, what I most enjoy about Autumn are the walks in a crisp breeze air among fallen leaves. There is nothing like walking on London streets getting lost in Autumn colours. I always wish to have more time to take pictures. There is something quite magical about this time of the year. The biggest challenge is to find that place that no one has discovered yet. Apart from a select few London Instagrammers, I soon realised some of the obvious places are not necessarily so obvious to those following me. Hence, I shouldn’t worry too much about it. But, simply enjoy exploring different neighbourhoods.

Where do you find these Autumn leaves? Some right in the middle of the city, in the most unexpected places. Others around the colourful picturesque neighborhoods such as Kensington, Maida Vale, Hampstead and Notting Hill. Of course, let’s not forget about numerous London parks. I would like to get you excited about what’s to come and hopefully encourage you to go outdoors to look around you. 

I hear you asking when is the best time to see the changing of the seasons? The general rule is from the end of September to the end of November. In previous years, I took some of the best pictures as early as the 20thof September. I have others taken at the end of November. It changes every year and this year it seems Autumn colours are arriving slightly later than the usual. You have plenty of time to discover them. 

I hope some of these colours are getting you excited about what’s to come. A takeover of Autumn colours. To read more about London Hidden Corners, press here.

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