Anya Hindmarch Postbox at London Fashion Week

14th September 2019

The Postbox Maze

I love Anya Hindmarch bags for their craftsmanship and playfulness. I have to admit I own quite a few of them. She has been creating some of the most interactive events during the London Fashion Week for the past few years. I loved finding Chubby Hearts when she placed them all over London. I climbed the Weave installation with my children last year at the Brewer Street Car Park. This year, when she announced the Anya Hindmarch Postbox Maze, I must have been one of the first to purchase a ticket to go and see it.

Anya Hindmarch’s installation takes place again in the Brewer Street Car Park in Soho between the 13th -16th of September in celebration of the launch of her Postbox bag. According to Anya Hindmarch, the sleek flap design, makes the lightweight gold frame difficult to fit to the bag. It may look simple but the craftsmanship behind is unique.

You visit the installation not only to discover her new collection (You can see the full collection at her website), but more to experience this immersive art installation inspired by M.C. Escher’s mural designed for The Hague Post Office. As you get lost within the Postbox Maze, you discover 6 unique letters hidden inside in collaboration with Letters Live. The letters are read by famous artists such as Benedict Cumberbatch. Some make you laugh like a fan letter written to plead with the US Government not to send Elvis Presley to the army during the war and if they did, not to cut his hair while others are quite moving and sad.

The aim of the installation is to introduce Anya’s new collection, the Postbox bag. You can see each Postbox bag displayed in the concept store. However the concept store is more than a display of her new collection. It invites you to take a moment to pause and to write a letter to a loved one which will be sent with compliments of Anya Hindmarch.

At the very end, postal treats and coffee is waiting for you to end your journey. If these events have not been on your radar, then I believe they must be. They are always fun, creative and at times even educational. You can subscribe to their mailing list at to be ahead of the game.

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